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(Presentation of the forthcoming Book)





From the Author


Expert Systems in the former USSR – fantasy or reality?


Foreword-1. Thoughts about a phenomenon of Designing


What is making us Human been


Tragedy of Russian Government


Foreword-2. Thoughts about a phenomenon of Creation


The main indication of Talent


At once I destroyed map of weekdays


The Decision Maker


In the beginning God created the haven and the earth


The Human was created by last of all


Our genetic system was designed


Part-1: Systematic approach in Design – what is it?


The Goal of Designing - to make alterations in the visual environment


Knowledge – is vast fortune and heavy load


About of the Methodology of Design


Systemic thinking


Part-2: The Methodology of Computerized Systems Analysis and Design                                                                      


Part-3: The universal Intelligent Information and Designing System


The Methodology of creation of a universal Knowledge Base


Formalization of the Systems Analysis in process of creation of the Knowledge Base ontology


Part-4: Classification of algorithms of problem solution


Definition of complete number of problems and their algorithms in any system           


Algorithms of problems' solutions


Algorithms of problems' solutions development


Choice of an optimal design decision


Part-5: Application of the Methodology of Computerized Systems Analysis and Design                                                                     


In 1987 I have published the monograph “Constructions System Design”. In this book I described an approach to the Computerized Systems Analysis and Design. This approach has been developed during the period when I was involved into Computer Aided Dwelling Systems Design project held in the former USSR.

The goal of this new book is to demonstrate that the same approach is valid for any design activity, both in living organisms of Nature and in human Society as well.


The main concept of the Methodology is that expert/design systems not be an imitation of methods of human activities, as it actually take place in reality until today.


The concept of methodological unity of the designing process is based on a postulate that any activity or behavior (I consider those two being synonymous) both in Nature and in Human society are controlled systems. I consider a controlled system as a result of a design process, doesn’t matter sophisticated or simple one, which leads to a decision making. Objectively existing methodological law is: - any conscious activity in Nature and Society is a result of its designing.


One could object that apart from human society, Nature habitat is unlikely to be a kind of a controlled system in the sense. I hope that I will provide later in this book the evidences that the heart of any vital activity such as adaptation or evolution processes in Nature is a designing of the controlled system, subjected to the common law (formulated by the author) of deliberate behavior.


The suggested book has the purpose to present the theoretical approach to optimal design taking place in Nature and Human society.


The concept of designing also assumes the existence of certain methods it utilizes. Along with the human society evolution a variety of designing types appear, such as scientific research, architectural etc designing, not mentioning designing in art. It looks like some specific design approach relevant to the application field should exist.

But it appears that this approach will not necessarily be the optimal one. To guarantee some degree of optimal designing, some methodological basis should exist. I put forward the idea to use the suggested in the book common algorithm based on systems analysis as a way to get this optimal solution.


The theoretical investigations of the Computerized Workflow Control Systems and Computer Aided Design Systems approach started in the former USSR in the late 60-th – early 70-th of the last century. I have been at the time one of the leaders and chief architect of the Dwelling Computer Aided Design group – a magnificent team of professionals with lots of interesting innovation ideas.

My duties as a system architect and developer included both analyzing and describing dwelling designing problems and from the other hand looking for the appropriate formalization methods and algorithms. It has been a successful combination of duties as it gave me the unique chance to analyze all the architectural designing methods and to come to the conclusion that the traditional methods are hardly applicable in the case of Computer Aided Design.  Being at the same time involved into the adjacent activity as a leader of “The Methodology of design of the standard dwellings” group I came to a deeper understanding of the traditional design process.


The traditional design computerization being rejected, some other concept should be found, based on the very essence of the design process as special type of human activity.

Above all it became clear that the optimal result could not be reached without system analysis implementation, which allows considering all the most important factors, affecting the result of design, but could not to be used in conventional design. Examining the ways of the system analysis implementation lead me to finding out the strict formal definition of designing concept and its algorithms, as well as concepts of Design task and Design procedure or Elemental design task, with their specific algorithms. 


Dwelling or habitat design includes practically most of the aspects of human vital activity functions. That gives me a ground to state that the definitions, methods and algorithms implemented in the frames of the Dwelling system, are applicable to the other types of designing that is they are intra-methodological. Ultima analysis, all the ideas and speculations are included now into the proposed book “Methodology of computerized Systems Analysis and Design”(MCAD)©” I am introducing to my reader.



Vitali Guitberg, Ph.D.,

Tel: 905-508-8423


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