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Radiation and Health
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Radiation and Health

Popular Medicine

Alpha radiation consists of helium nuclei and is readily stopped by a sheet of paper. Beta radiation, consisting of electrons, is halted by an aluminium plate. Gamma radiation is eventually absorbed as it penetrates a dense material.Wide use of ionizing radiation has caused occurrence of new scientific and practical discipline – radiation medicine. However, its possibilities and achievement are almost inaccessible to a wide range of readers.


The book contains radiology basics such as the structure of atom and its disintegration, formation of radioactive beams, methods of definition and estimation of their characteristics.


 For the first time, the complex influence on the person of all known sources of radiation (natural, diagnostics and the treatment, industrial, nuclear power stations, nuclear and hydrogen bombs, “a dirty bomb", radioactive wastes) is presented.


The early signs (a sharp beam syndrome, etc.) and late consequences of radiation (a cancer, genetic infringements, etc.) are discussed. The modern methods of their diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation, prophylactic medical examination, preventive maintenance are described in full. The changes caused by long-term influence of small doses of radiation (the Chernobyl accident, etc.) are presented.


Principles of prophylactic medical examination and rehabilitation of victims are discussed too. The active role of population in minimizing radiation influences is shown. It should be based on medical literacy, early diagnostics, improvement in preventive maintenance of radiation damages and the associated diseases.


The book is illustrated by tables, pictures, schemes, terminological dictionary.


The presented data are based on the deep analysis of the available literature and the author’s experience in the field of radiation medicine.


The book is digitally published in 2010 by the publishing house "Library-E-Literature" in the pdf. format. The file’s size of the digital book is 2, 2 Mb. The book price is 5$ USA.


If you wish to buy this book, please, contact the author at:


Washington, USA, 2010

Neli Melman

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