The Alliance of Technology and Science Specialists of Toronto Inc. (ATSS) is a multi-cultural not-for-profit organization established in 1991 by highly educated and skilled professionals - immigrants to assist each other in contributing their creative, professional and entrepreneurial potential to Canadian science and economy. ATSS was registered as corporation in 1993.

The Design of the Intelligent Systems Knowledge (DISK Inc.) was established in 1994 and registered as a corporation in 2012. The objective is development and commercialization of "Methodology of Computerized Systems Analysis and Design MCAD" (author and IP owner: Vitali Guitberg, PhD). Methodology was implemented in the various industries in Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia.

On the basis of MCAD, DISK has developed the theoretical-methodological model of a unique Intelligent, Information and Expert/Design System (II&ES) with a universal Knowledge Base and CoSMoS software complex. Since 1996 DISK and ATSS have been collaborating on development and application of II&ES to E-healthcare system (ANAMNESIS® and ComRAD®).

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