Why you need pass this Test?

The most complicated issues in health care facing patients and doctors are in the making to provide the most accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment, especially in complicated cases and chronic diseases.

This Test is aimed to involve the patient in assisting the doctor for much wider, deeper and the most precise evaluation of the patient's symptoms in the process of making the most accurate diagnosis and design the optimal treatment.

With performing ANAMNESIS© you will get the following benefits:

  • Describe yours health symptoms and factors in the proper English medical terminology,
  • Provide your doctor with the most accurate health data by preparing it in advance.
  • Reduce time for visits,
  • Self-monitoring health condition, especially of chronic disease,
  • Reduce spending on medication,
  • Easier communication with doctors, etc.

With performing ANAMNESIS you will help your doctors:

  • To consider your Health condition more detail and more precision in real time,
  • Get information about which of your body systems require immediate attention, prior to lab tests and examinations,
  • More effective use of time during a visit and while filling out your health data,
  • Reduce errors (misdiagnoses),
  • Prevent hazardous illness (such as cancer, tuberculosis, etc)
  • Monitor your chronic disease (such as diabetes, cardiovascular, etc.), if necessary,
  • Reduce work stress, etc.

With performing ANAMNESIS© you will help to the government in the following:

  • Compensating for doctors shortage,
  • Reduce number of visitors in hospitals' ER (and reduction of expenses),
  • Reduction of expenses on medication,
  • Reduction of expenses on costly medical diagnostic devises,
  • Reduction of expenses on lab tests and examinations,
  • Make the medical profession more appearing to prespective students (due to effectiveness of work and reduction of work stress), etc.

What is the ANAMNESIS©?

ANAMNESIS© is a pre-diagnostic questionnaire that contains 160 symptoms and factors. Patient who has online access to the system is able to consider and define what symptoms are related to patientís health condition.

If the results of your first test show that you require immediately health attention, the system will ask you to perform another more detailed test in order to make the most accurate diagnosis.

ANAMNESIS© is based only on scientifically proven information that is contained in the Knowledge Base. It is the most reliable Test in the world because the information is obtained by using a method of systems analysis and based on scientifically proven ontology of computerized Knowledge Base.

How long will you have to wait for report?

You will get your report immediately as soon as you finished your Test, which will take about 10-15 min. You can print the results and bring them your doctor during to your visit.

What you should do if you have difficulties with performing this Test.

In ANAMNESIS© the description of each symptom contains spaces where you could write your question during the process of consideration of your symptoms. The doctor or nurse will answer your questions. This option will be available in the near future.

Currently you need ask for assistant in a waiting room, if you use laptop, iPod, tablet, or Smartphone. If you do not have any of them, please use a paper to write your questions down.

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