Dear Friends, please be aware that this system is currently designed in such a way that your health data cannot be stored for further use: so this Test is completely (100%) private for you.

Furthermore, during the Test or after nobody can see your symptoms or Test Results, except you or the particular nurse that will register you in the doctor office or hospital.

If you do the Test before your doctor visit, you need to print it or write down the Results, because they cannot be stored, and send to your doctor by email or take with you, when you will visit him/her.

Please, "register" before start the Test. In the registration you should provide your email to get a password and provide any Health Card number (any set of digits). Your password will sent you immediately. Please, check your email. The registration and Test are completely secure, because information will not saved. Please, remember your password or write it down on a paper for future use and keep in secure place.

Your password will be sent to you immediately. Please, check your email.

Registration and TEST completely secure because information will not be saved. Please, remember your password or write it down for future use and keep it in a secure place.

Use "login". Begin use the Test.

When you check symptoms and factors, listed in the Test you will understand what symptom actually means. It is possible that you may not have considered a certain symptom as a sign of serious illness.

If you are not sure whether you have some of those symptoms or you do not understand medical terminology, please write those symptoms down on a paper and ask your doctor or nurse to provide you with an explanation. Once you have a better understanding of the symptoms, please repeat the Test to get the proper results. After you have completed of checking the symptoms, the program will analyse them and you will have your results immediately. Please, write them down on a paper to show your doctor when you will visit him/her

After you have completed checking of the symptoms, the program will analyze them and you will get result immediately. Please, write it down to show your doctor.

In the future you will write your question regarding the particular symptom in a small window under each symptom or a factor and get an answer in real time. Unfortunately, today this function is not working because it requires the special software and secure database. We will improve this Test as soon as we get funding.

If you have some chronic disease, you could use this Test periodically as the following:
- When you changed your diet or life style.
- When program proposes you to pass additional Test; for example, on risk of colon cancer. Currently this is only one additional test, but we are aiming to extend number of tests as soon as we have funds.

This system designed in such way that data regarding your health cannot be stored for further use; so, this Test is completely safe for you. Furthermore, nobody can see your data during the test.

Since the Test's Results cannot be stored you need to print them, or write down and send to your doctor by email.

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