ANAMNESIS© is just an initial part of a Computerized Recovery Adviser (ComRAD) - a unique computerized system in the field of e- health. The ComRAD is only one of applications of a base system - the Intelligent, Information, and Expert/Design System (II&ES). The main part of the II&ES is a unique, universal scientific Knowledge Base. Such System with such Knowledge Base does not exist anywhere else in the world.

Computerized Recovery Advisor (ComRAD) will dramatically improve the diagnostics of a patientís health condition, as well as their treatment. At the same time, ComRAD will significantly reduce the government's expenses on medicine.


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The challenges to improve health care are of concern in almost all countries because costs of medical services everywhere have become exorbitantly high.

The main problem in Health Care is the proper diagnosis.

ANAMNESIS is a tool for assisting doctor in setting of the most accurate diagnosis. If the ANAMNESIS (Test) reveals that you are healthy, your visit to the doctor is not required.

If your Test result shows that some of yours body systems need urgent attention, the visit is necessary.


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The main methodological principles laid down in the ANAMNESIS are:
a/ analysis of the current state of the functioning of all body systems of the patient,
b/ ensuring family physician with correct and the most complete medical information that will allow doctor to make the error-free diagnosis.

Before visit to the doctor, the ANAMNESIS analyzes marked symptoms and factors with their interactions and as reflections of the health of the body systems. The results of the test will be very useful for the doctor because he/she can assess which body's systems require additional labs examinations or consultations of other specialists.

ComRAD designed as an integrated system, due to its unique universal Knowledge Base. In the further, it would include information about all medical systems (therapeutic treatment, EHR, labs, pharmaceutical, office management and other systems).

Although a huge money are spent on the creation and use of increasingly sophisticated computer diagnostic devices, the number of diagnostic errors increases at an alarming rate. It is clear that reason is that doctors are not able to take into account all necessary symptoms and factors. ANAMNESIS will help them to reduce a number of such errors.


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ComRAD is a system of the optimal designing. With using the ComRAD, doctors will be able to optimize the treatment process through:
a/ Utilizing of the scientific medical information that is contained in the unique Knowledge Base (see picture bellow),
b/ Analysing of the most complete health information of the patient, which is collected by the ANAMNESIS and stored in the unique ODB/EHR.

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As the doctor's assistant, the ComRAD carries the important burden by doing the most comprehensive data analysis about condition of the patient's health and in designing the optimal process of his/her treatment. ComRAD makes possible to achieve the highest degree of improvement of the quality of patientsí care and decrease the working stress of doctors. Due to the formulation of more accurate diagnosis and optimization of the treatment process, the ComRAD allows to reduce the cost of medicine.

Pre-diagnostic testing

Dear friend, imagine that you feel sick and you need advice of your family doctor. First of all you, need to take ANAMNESIS test on online and detect which of the symptoms and factors you have. You can do it at any location, anywhere in the country and the world where internet access exists: at home, in cafes, in the library or doctor's office; by using PC, iPod, Smart Phone, Tablet, etc.


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Improving the health service using the proposed ComRAD system will allow the doctor do not only avoid the majority of medical errors, but also effectively eliminate their consequences if they happened.

When the ComRAD development will be completed, the doctor will be able to be acquainted with the test results in EHR prior to your visit, using iPod, smartphone, etc.

What are benefits of the test?

Using ANAMNESIS you will able to consider the list of symptoms and factors carefully thinking through and marking those you have. Thanks to ANAMNESIS, you will able to present to your doctor a complete and accurate up today information about your health status. Through that way you will be involved in the process of the making the correct diagnosis.

Before the Test, you will not even think about some of your symptoms, not to attach importance to them, and you might do not be aware that some of your ailments are symptoms of serious illness.

The ANAMNESIS analyzes your symptoms and factors in their relationship and issues result in the form of information about which of your body's systems (circulatory, digestive, endocrine, etc.) require immediate attention, which are in less dangerous state of health, and which of them are healthy. (See the test result)


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If using ANAMNESIS, you donít have certainty that you correctly understand the meaning of some symptoms, you should type the question in the window under symptom and you will get answer (explanation) immediately. But this is in the future. At present, you should write down your questions and ask a nurse or your doctor to explain. Information entered in the ANAMNESIS will be available only for the family doctor and will be stored in the unique Operational Database (ODB), that is a special designed EHR, in which the patient's health information will be the most secure from unauthorized users.

What benefits would be for patients and for family physicians from patientsí involvement in the process of diagnosis by using ANAMNESIS?

First of all, this will allow patients to get more knowledge about the correct medical terminology, to pay more attention to the state of their health, as well as to learn what impact renders on it such factors as a diet, lifestyle, occupation, and others.

Second, regularly performing the Test (monitoring), will help to prevent a severe illness;

Third, your doctor would be able to control and monitor data in real-time during the period of patient chronic illness.

Fourth, as a result your doctor receives detailed information on the health status of all systems of your body (see printed Result). It will allow him do not wasting taxpayers' money by referring you for unnecessary lab's examinations, which are sometimes very unpleasant and unhealthy; or donít appoint you for consulting with other medical specialists, hospitals if no needs exist.

When ComRAD development will be completed, your Test result and your symptoms will be automatically written in ODB/her that will reduce of the burden doctor's burden on identifying the symptoms and recording them in the EHR. All results of your tests will be stored in the ODB/EHR and made available to your family physician. He/She has direct access to all data in the ODB/EHR. Specialists-consultants have access to the data that related to their specializations only.

Reducing the physician's workload raises the quality of your communication and allows to save time for a more detailed discussion of your symptoms and for the most accurate diagnostics. Stress load on your doctor is significantly reduced too because the ANAMNESIS curries out one of the most important analytical work on the analysis of symptoms and their interconnections. All of the above leads to a substantial reduction in costs of the medical services while keeping the highest level of the quality.

Design of the therapeutic process:

The ComRAD helps doctor in designing of the optimal treatment for particular patient. Based on the analysis that was done on the stage of diagnosis, ComRAD designs simultaneously a few suboptimal versions of treatment and presents them to the doctor. The number of variants depends on the complexity of the disease . The doctor selects a version of the treatment (medication, diet, exercise therapy, etc.), which he/she considers as the best one.

The ComRAD analyzes the doctor's workload and determines for the patient the closest date and time of visit to discuss the project of the treatment. These interactions have to be continued until the optimal variant of treatment will be selected by the doctor.

It is obvious that the "human factor" limits the ability of doctors to take into account all symptoms and factors regarding patientís health. In addition, symptoms and factors affecting the patient's health must be considered in their interrelationships. Especially difficult for doctor is to make the right decision at the time of patient visit, especially if patient is aged and has bunch organism dysfunctions. Details of the decisions made by the physician in selection of the optimal variant of the treatment and prescriptions are saved in the ODB/EHR.

If our team of developers will get the necessary funds, we will complete the ComRAD in the nearest future. It depends on how much money we will get for this project from sponsors, investors and government.

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